Candidate Petitions

To be placed on the ballot, I need 3,000 valid petitions signed by registered voters; 1,500 from each Congressional District in the state. Please download the petition for your district below, and mail signed petitions to:
Darryl W Perry
855 Hanover St #428
Manchester, NH 03104
Congressional District 1

Hillsborough County
Hillsborough 11 (Manchester Ward 4)
Congressional District 2

Hillsborough County
Sullivan 9
(Cornish, Croydon, Grantham, Newport,
Plainfield, Springfield, Sunapee, Unity)
Note that any volunteer collecting petitions (who provides a RVN wallet address) will receive PORC Tokens at a rate of 5 PORC per petition.
It is not necessary to have the nomination papers printed with the statutes on the reverse side; however, the person obtaining signatures should have a copy of this page with them in the event a signer wishes to see it.