Ali Salman of the Pakistani Policy Research Institute of Market Economy

“[A]fter much thought and consideration I’ve decided to go back to the beginning and to me, that always meant Principal over Party –and If I’m going to stand by this adage that represented everything I stood for as the creator of “LibertyCandidates” then I ought to stop playing politics and picking people based on who I believe people will vote for and instead stand behind the candidate that represents Liberty personified –and that person, whom I am endorsing for the Libertarian Nomination as Presidential Candidate is Darryl Perry.
Darryl was our Liberty Candidate for 2016 President before I closed up shop on Liberty Candidates back in 2014 due to apathy. Darryl knew back then that he wanted to step up and carry the torch to have his message heard– and he followed through.  Listening to debates and interviews the last few days since becoming a Libertarian Delegate –which I am taking very seriously– I’ve decided to take the high road and endorse the candidate who I feel personifies what the Libertarian Party was built upon and should stand for.” ~ Gigi Bowman, founder Liberty Candidates

“Perry’s principle will get the message of freedom and true libertarianism out there further than it has been in quite some time. Since I am 100% principle over party… my official endorsement goes to Darryl W. Perry, as the most principled candidate in the race, hands down. Darryl’s voice, the voice of true libertarianism, deserves to be heard in this race.” ~ Rodger Paxton, former Libertarian Party of Arkansas Chair 2010 – 2013 (endorsement in audio form starts at ~35:55 mark)

LP Radical Caucus

“I fully support Darryl Perry for the LP nomination. I believe that we do a great disservice to the party and its principles by watering down the message in order to be pragmatic or whatever other excuse made. Darryl has consistently and articulately represented true libertarian ideals and I am proud as hell to support his efforts to keep the LP a true party of principle.” ~ Bobby Hoyt, Ascension Parish Treasurer & Ascension Parish Representative

Libertarian Party Sex Caucus

“Of all the candidates, Darryl Perry represents the most consistently Libertarian message. He holds true to the core principles that the party was founded upon, and that increases the strength of his message. By not compromising on these basic principles, his message is clear, NOT watered down, it is consistent, not filled with half measures. While this has been a long message, all of it needed to be said, because at the end of the day, I intend to support and endorse the Libertarian in the race, and that Libertarian is Darryl Perry!” ~ Steve Scheetz, former Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania Chair 2013 – 2015

“I endorse Darryl W. Perry for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 Presidential nomination.” ~ Thomas Knapp (endorsement in audio form starts at ~12:00 mark)

“[Darryl Perry] was one of the people who was of the most help when I was running my presidential campaign back in 2008.
You may agree with everything he says. Then again, you may not. But there is no doubt whatsoever about his commitment to what he believes in. I say this for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that he stepped up FOR REAL on a Libertarian Party initiative. While a lot of people were offering ‘lip service’ to the ambitious Free State Project, which proposed that Libertarian Party members move to a designated state (New Hampshire being the eventual designee) in order to build a large constituency, he went ahead and put his money where his mouth is. He lives there in Keene right now… If you live in any of those states where he is on the primary ballot, and if you are a Libertarian Party member or can register as one, please send a message by casting your vote for him, as it will not be wasted. Actions in the name of principle are NEVER a waste of time!!!” ~ Charles Jay, 2004 & 2008 Presidential candidate

“I endorse Darryl Perry because he is an excellent representative of, and spokesman for, Libertarian values.” ~ Jill Pyett, small business owner and blogger

New Hampshire Liberty Party

“I’m sick of political rhetoric and bigotry. I want liberty in my life time. No more lesser of two evils, it’s time for a real statement a call to people to end this circus and vote for sanity. Vote Darryl W. Perry for President.” ~ Jenn Coffey former NH State Rep. Merrimack 6

“Darryl is an excellent communicator of the ideas of liberty, which is why I support him for the LP presidential nomination.” Ian Freeman, host Free Talk Live

“Darryl W. Perry… is a Libertarian running for President. I would like to here and now, publicly endorse him.” Matt Connarton, host Matt Connarton Unleashed

“I’m supporting Darryl Perry… hopefully we’ll get him in the [Libertarian] debates.” Starchild, former LNC Representative

“I’ve come to trust him and would gladly support Darryl as the nominee for either Prez or VP.” Max Abramson, NH State Representative Rockingham 20

“I support Darryl W. Perry because he is a consistent philosophical libertarian who has real chance at spreading the message of libertarianism to the masses.” ~ James Weeks II, Vice Chair Libertarian Party of Livingston County

“I support Darryl W. Perry for president because f*ck the LINOS, f*ck the Shiny Object Caucus, and f*ck the police.” ~ Clayton Hunt, former SLEC District 6 Representative Libertarian Party of Texas

“This endorsement is the hallmark of a true Liberty Candidate… With candidates like Darryl W. Perry serving the people at the city, county, state and federal level, there is real hope for change in America.” Liberty Candidates

If you would like to publicly endorse the campaign of Darryl W. Perry for President, please use the contact form.
note: if you include a mailing address with your endorsement, you will receive a bumpersticker and campaign button

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