Darryl W. Perry is officially on the general election ballot for Governor


Manchester, NH, September 2, 2020 – 

The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire, after getting a 35% reduction in the number of valid petitions, submitted 2,957 verified petitions to the Secretary of State’s office to place Darryl W. Perry on the general election ballot.

The Secretary of State’s office confirmed via email that Perry and all of the other Libertarian candidates had “a sufficient number of nomination papers to qualify for the New Hampshire general election ballot.”

Perry, who is running on a platform of criminal justice reform, lower taxation, ballot access reform and voting rights, said, “The Libertarian Party had to spend over $17,000, expend hundreds of man-hours of both petitioners and municipal election officials, and go to court in order to be successful in this petitioning effort. By contrast, the Republicans and Democrats, who make the rules, are automatically on the ballot. Despite the best efforts of the current administration, New Hampshire voters will be able to vote for Libertarians this November.”

Perry added, “getting on the ballot, isn’t the goal. Getting on the ballot, only puts us at the Starting Line for the race that ends November 3.”

With events canceled, the campaign has embraces social media, and other traditional forms of advertising. The campaign is also looking at other billboard locations, as well as print, radio and TV ads.

Anything you can donate will help us get that much closer to reaching more voters. Click here to donate $10, $20.20, $50, $100, $250, $500 or more.

Unlike the Presidential campaigns, where the dates and criteria for debates are known well in advance, we still don't know if or when any gubernatorial debates will happen, nor do we know the criteria. In 2018, the Granite State Debates hosted by the Union Leader, WMUR, and the  New Hampshire Institute of Politics required candidates to have raised $25,000 and poll at least 12%. Our campaign has currently raised almost $9,000, and want to – at a minimum – meet the 2018 debate fundraising requirements.

Voters this year have a choice that is not the lesser of two evils. I don't have the political and family connections of my Republican and Democratic Party opponents. Which makes your support even more important.


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Darryl W. Perry
Libertarian for Governor

Darryl W. Perry has spent most of his adult life as an advocate & activist for peace and liberty.

Darryl W. Perry is running for Governor of New Hampshire as a Libertarian on a platform of criminal justice reform, lower taxation, ballot access reform and voting rights.

Darryl served as Chair of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire from September 2016 until April 2018.

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