Today is the day: please vote!

Manchester, NH, November 3, 2020 –

Today is Election Day! If you haven’t already voted absentee, you’ll need to vote in-person. If you don’t know where to vote, you can find your polling place and hours here (note: all polls are open until at least 7p).

If the Libertarians get 4% for Governor or US Senate, we get automatic ballot access in 2022 which will save the Party close to $20,000 and hundreds of volunteer hour. The campaign is attempting to reach out to more voters before polls close.

Voters this year have a choice that is not the lesser of two evils. And with your support, we can reach thousands of additional voters leading up to the election. A vote for Darryl W. Perry, and other Libertarian candidates, is a vote in favor of taking down the two-party system!

Please click below to donate right away.

Additionally, you’re invited to join me tonight starting at 8p for the Election Night Zoomtastic Voyage as we relax, have a drink, and watch election results come in from NH, New England, and the rest of the country.

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