Name Title/Position Endorsement statement
Joe Bishop-Henchman LNC Chair
Brian Shields Chair, Libertarian Party of New Hampshire There is no one I would trust to uphold the values of New Hampshire’s Live Free or Die spirit more than Darryl W. Perry. He has a lifetime of experience and dedication to making the world free and he would serve New Hampshire proudly as Governor.
Caleb Dyer Former State Rep. and House Libertarian Caucus leader
Dr Jo Jorgensen 2020 Libertarian Presidential nominee Darryl has been part of the Libertarian Party for many years and always runs a great campaign.
Ken Armstrong 2020 Libertarian Candidate for President/Vice President It is my great pleasure to endorse Darryl W. Perry for Governor of New Hampshire. A genuine advocate for peace and liberty, Darryl has been committed to causes like the Innocence Project, as well as social and economic issues that would laser-focus on the challenges facing New Hampshire today.
Steve Scheetz Chair, Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania I have worked with Darryl, off and on, for years. He is as principled as they come!
I find myself excited about his candidacy, and I endorse his run enthusiastically!
If you are looking for a candidate who lives and breathes the principles of the Libertarian party? Darryl is your candidate!
Eric Mulder Vice Chair, Libertarian Party of Colorado Darryl Perry has consistently stood up for the rights of all individuals to live free. New Hampshire would be very fortunate to have him as their next governor.
Richard Manzo Goffstown Budget Committee
Vice Chair, Libertarian Party of New Hampshire
Chair, Southern New Hampshire Libertarian Party
In March of 2019, I was elected to keep my seat on the Goffstown budget committee. Since I first took office in November the year prior, I’ve been defending the rights of individuals to keep their hard-earned money in their wallets. I’m endorsing Darryl for Governor because I know he’s right there with me in that fight. Despite whatever disagreements we may have on any given policy, I know Darryl will make the right decisions as Governor to defend liberty as he truly sees it in his heart. No matter who the blue team and red team offer us, there won’t be a better choice for the corner office than Darryl. It’s time to reject the lesser of two evils, and vote for good.
Bheema Bachus Perry is a man of pure integrity and honesty. He will never be corrupted, and is always happy to talk to somebody on the other side of an issue. He is a true fighter for freedom, and is an incredibly hard worker, both in and out of politics.
Larry Gillis If I were still a NH voter, I would vote for Darryl. He’s “the real deal”.
Jacqueline Perry Former Secretary, Southern New Hampshire Libertarian Party
Winter Trabex Darryl is incredibly smart, compassionate, and kind. He really knows his stuff.

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